Rocal RCr100G
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Rocal is a Spanish brand, which has been producing top quality slow combustion fireplaces for over 30 years.  The RCr100 Graffiti has a number of innovative features which are shared across the contemporary looking Graffiti range.  Reversible front door, stainless steel combustion chamber, vermiculite lining, wrap around casing, optional hot air conduction, air control from the front or top, as well as a large ashpan for cleaning when needed.  Rated between 12Kw and 18Kw it has a huge output for your larger open plan areas.

Output:12 - 18Kw
Heating Capacity:300 - 500m3
Dimensions:1019mm wide x 612mm high and 476mm deep
Flue Size:200mm
Flue Outlet:Top - centred 170mm from front
Rocal RCr80G

The RCr8 has the identical features to the larger RCr100.  Its clean, contemprary lines and large glass door add an understated opulence to any room. 

Model:Rocal RCr80G
Output:10 to 17Kw
Heating Capacity:280 to 450m3
Dimensions:778mm wide x 587mm high and 476mm deep
Flue Size:180mm
Flue Outlet:Top - 170mm to the centre from the front
Rocal RCr70G

The baby of the bunch, but no less effective, ideal for smaller living rooms which would be overpowered by the larger units.

Model:Rocal RCr70G
Output:9 to 15Kw
Heating Capacity:200m3 to 400m3
Dimensions:725mm wide x 543mm high and 460mm deep
Flue Size:150mm
Flue Outlet:Top (centred 165mm from the front)
Rocal RCr50V

The RCr50V has a vertica orientation, just an aletrnative option for a different look.  Again, all of the features from the larger units is carried over making for a very neat and powerful little unit.

Model:Rocal RCr50V
Output:7 to 11Kw
Heating Capacity:150m3 to 320m3
Dimensions:550mm wide x 702mm high and 425mm deep
Flue Size:150mm
Flue Outlet:Top (centred 145mm from the front)
Rocal RCrTC

With glass on three sides, the RCrTC lends a different and unique look to a room if suited to this installation.

Model:Rocal RCrTC
Output:9.5 to 16Kw
Heating Capacity:200 to 420m3
Dimensions:705mm wide x 540mm high x 470mm deep
Flue Size:200mm
Flue Outlet:Top (centred 175mm from the front)
Rocal G45LD/L1

The three sided glass coupled with a sophisticated slide up door and huge output make this unit the ideal way to make a statement and focal point in a large space. 

Model:Rocal G45LD/L1
Output:13.5 to 19Kw
Heating Capacity:350 to 500m3
Dimensions:1084mm wide x 493mm high and 650mm deep
Flue Size:250mm
Flue Outlet:Top (Centred 192mm from the back)
Rocal G45DC

This large double sided unit concludes the Rocal insert range, features as for the rest, a great way of heating two rooms in a unique fashion.

Model:Rocal G45DC
Output:12 to 18Kw
Heating Capacity:250 to 500m3
Dimensions:1264mm wide by 569mm high and 812mm deep
Flue Size:250mm
Flue Outlet:Top (centred on the unit)

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