A flushdeck pool high above the sea on the slopes of Glencairn Heights.  The pool shell and channel were plastered and then lined with fibreglass.  A considerable challenge was the supply and installation of the stainless steel grid around the pool covering the channel.  The curve of the pool was not symetrical, and templates had to be taken on site, a very time consuming job which allowed no margin for error.The fibreglass lining is done in a mist grey colour to resemble the sea as closely as possible, and a stainless steel power LED light was fitted for night time ambience.


Reinforced off shutter concrete shell which was plastered and finished in a cloud grey fibreglass lining. The waterline tile is a 25mm x 25mm pale green mosaic from Lovric. The small paddling pool off to the side had seats shaped for lying down on and was tiled throughout. Lengths of pool = 25 metres and a 300mm high piece of glass was placed at the end of the pool to give an infinity effect without the need for a rimflow.

Barley Bay, a slice of European Chic right on the Atlantic seaboard. This Greg Wright designed project involved the construction of 4 new apartments right on Victoria Drive, Bakoven. Our contract involved taking the 4 concrete boxes provided by the main Contractor (DDC Construction) and transforming these into state of the art rimflow swimming pools, each with glass overflow edges and stainless steel channels. One of the challenges faced was the extremely limited space allowed for the pool structures. To overcome this, stainless steel channels had to be fitted all around the pools to catch the rimflow water and transfer this back to the balance tanks. Another very real challenge was the waterproofing of the structure, as all four pools are suspended immediately above living areas. We are happy to state that all 4 pools remain absolutely dry. 
Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Two pools on a Llandudno property a literal stones throw from the Atlantic Ocean.  The lower pool has a flushdeck system and part of the pool also interestingly disappears into a grotto, perhaps as an escape from the fierce sun on those mid summer days.  No expense has been spared and the roof of the grotto is fully tiled in porcelain mosaic tiles and the specially cut granite copings were also notched out to receive the stainles steel grids which cover the flushdeck channel.  Charcoal marble plaster gives the water surface a reflective sheen.

The roof pool terrace offers unbelievable views across the bay.  The roof pool is fully tiled with dark grey 48mm x 48mm ceramic mosaic tiles, and has a vertical granite downstand to form the thicker pool edge.

Both pool structures were built by the Main Contractor and MacD s contract scope was to flesh out the bare boxes by addition of the filtration equipment, lights, heat pumps, tiling and pool linings.


This is the pool at Grootbos conference centre just outside Gansbaai. Unfortunately a few months after this picture was taken, a bushfire ravaged the area and the pool and conference centre were burnt to the ground. They have since been re developed.

The structure was constructed by the Main Contractor, and we were contracted to complete the mosaic tiling, internal finish and filtration plant. There is a double rimflow effect, with the top smaller plunge pool emptying into the larger pool below, and this in turn emptying over the edge into the catchment channel. It is crucial on a rimflow pool that the edge is perfectly level to ensure the water flows over the whole length. This becomes particularly important on a long rimflow such as this.

Mosaics 48 x 48mm white ceramic
Internal finish Off white marble plaster


23m by 2.50m lap pool with rimflow.
Wooden deck surround with fibreglass lining internally Colour Mist grey.
The structure was built by the main contractor and we were responsible for the pool lining filtration plant, lighting and electrical.


Fibreglass lined flush deck swimming pool.  Flushdeck pools involve a channel running all the way around with a grating over it.  There will be a dedicated circulating pump which fills the pool up, keeping it absolutely full at all times, flowing over the inner edge into the channel.  The channel will then usually feed into a reservoir or holding tank.  Great care has to be taken to construct the inner edge 100 percent level to ensure no dry spots appear.  The inner edge can either be tiled, or just left in the same finish as the pool itself (as is the case here).


Internal finish  White fibreglass lining


Grade 316 stainless steel was specially measured and lasercut to form the grids covering the channel.  Black plastic is also available as a cheaper option.

The structure for this swimming pool was built out of concrete due to the ground conditions and it s proximity to the house. Our responsibility in terms of turning the bare concrete into a swimming pool involved completing the pool lining, mosaic tiling, water feature and supply and installation of the pool lights and filtration plant
Marble plaster finish Charcoal
Mosaic tiling 25mm by 25mm light grey ceramic


Concrete constructed rimflow pool on the slopes of Camps Bay.  Frameless glass balustrade and glass mosaics add a special touch to a simple design.
In this case the rimflow channel was not large enough to hold the water for the rimflow system to operate correctly.  A 5000 litre tank was housed underneath the wooden deck to hold the water for the rimflow feature.

An L Shaped rimflow pool on the lower slopes of Camps Bay.  The rimflow edge has been formed out of 300mm laminated glass which gives a particularly dramatic infinity effect.

Off shutter concrete shell built by the main contractor.  Our work involved installing a 300mm high glass edge to two sides of the pool and completing the pool filtration, waterproofing, internal finish and tiling.  Internal finish is light grey marble plaster.  Tiling travertine / marble.  Mosaic tiles Mid grey ceramic.  A stainless steel grating was placed over the rimflow channel, and this covered in river pebbles to hide the channel floor.  

A flushdeck pool with a difference.  Pebbles have been used to fill the channel around the pool to give a different look.  No thought or expense was spared to create a stunning swimming pool.  The granite overflow slabs were water jetted to provide a non slip finish.  Templates were taken on site to ensure these fitted precisely to the size of the pool and they were laid with butt joints.

The stainless steel trims around the water feature channels are to ensure an even water flow, these were measured on site and purpose made to fit.

The pool itself is fully tiled with cobalt blue glass tiles giving the pool a deep blue appearance, and a Balau wooden deck completes the picture.


A unique pool for a unique House.  A pool tiled throughout but if that wasn t enough, the tile colours were selected to change from lightest at the bottom to darker at the top in order to look more uniform with the pool full of water.
The Jacuzzi in the centre adds even more of a summer holiday feel.

Not your everyday ordinary property (or pool).  Situated at the end of presitgious Ocean Viiew Drive this property has 270 degree views and the pool is actually two pools in one.  A South pool which is a rimflow pool whic connects seamlessly to the North pool, a piece of glass dividing the two.  To top it off, a glass bottomed pond above the garage adds that extra special touch. 
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