Morso 8140

The Morso 8100 series have a clean and simple design.  The combination of rounded edges and simple details give the stove a light and timeless appearance, which will ensure that it will be a pleasure to look at for decades to come.  Lastly, their raw and vital cast iron construction gives the Morso 8100 s a feel that is both rustic and exclusive. 
Heating Capacity:90m2 / 300m3
Dimensions:869mm high, 530mm wide and 450mm deep
Flue Size:150mm
Flue Outlet:Top or Back
Back Flue Centre Height:688mm
Morso 6170

An elegant, wall suspended wood burning stove in the characteristic oval design that destinguishes the 6100 series.  In spite of its small size, this wood burner has a high performance. 
Heating Capacity:80m2 / 230m3
Colour:Matt Black
Dimensions:630mm high / 451mm wide / 403mm deep
Flue Size:120mm
Flue Outlet:Top or Back
Morso 3610

The Morso 3610 is one of the larger stoves and with a nominal 10Kw output is ideal for heating large open plan and double volume areas.  Wood can be loaded from the front, or the side door and the stove can accept logs of up to 58cm in length.  A specifically designed ait channel helps burn the fuel as completely and efficiently as possible, and the primay airwash system ensures the glass remains free of soot. 
Heating Capacity:120m2 / 350m3
Colour:Matt Black
Dimensions:796mm high / 743mm wide / 605mm deep
Flue Size:150mm
Flue Outlet:Top or Back
Morso 5460 Insert

Morso s new fireplace insert.  The high front of black glass opens towards the viewer, with the rounded off door giving this insert a completely special, modern look, an appearance not unlike a touch screen appliance.  There is also a large elemnt of sentimental value from the exposed hinges and the black bakelite handle, a feature inherited from the old, classic Morso stoves.
The combustion and heat are controlled by a single cast iron handle, and the advanced combustion system allows tertiary air to be supplied ensuring the stove meets the strictest environmental standards.

Model:5460 Insert
Heating Capacity:100m2 / 300m3
Dimensions:818mm high / 547mm wide / 391mm deep
Flue Size:120mm / 130mm
Flue Outlet:Top or Back
Morso 5660 Insert

Continuing the Morso heritage, the 5660 is manufactured in high grade cast iron; a strong, durable material particularly well suited for freestanding stoves and especially wood burning inserts.  The natural, vivid texture of the cast iron surface makes for a rustic yet elegant appearance, and the airwash system ensures a clean glass window throug hwhich the beautiful flames can be viewed.
The simple control lever positioned at its base makes the 5660 extremely user friendly.
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