Infiniti 1000 Flueless Gas Fireplace

Contemporary high output flueless gas fireplace.  The fact that the fireplace does not need a flue makes for ease of installation, especially in a double storey dwelling or apartment.  Pictured here with the standard black trim and coals. 

Pebbles are available as an option, and the unit is also available in stainless steel.  A variety of decorative trims are available, each giving the unit a completely different look.  Available trims are standard (pictured), De Luxe, Extra Wide and Wraparound.  The alternative trim options can be viewed by clicking on  more images .

Model:1000 Flueless gas
Heating Capacity:400 Cubic metres
LPG Gas Consumption:From 500 grams an hour on low to 850 grams per hour on high
Infiniti 700 Flueless Gas Fireplace

Flueless Gas units do not need a chimney and therefore are consideably more heat efficient.  In the INFINITI gas fireplace range, with a uniquely designed combustion system, they reach heating efficiencies of 100 .  This makes the flueless fireplace units superb for the economical heating of large spaces.  And, of course, the units are perfect for installation into flats or hgouses where building a chimney would be difficult.

Model:Flueless Gas Fireplace - Std Black Trim with coals
Heating Capacity:70m2 / 180m3
Colour:Various Trims available
Dimensions:775mm wide, 590mm high, 300mm deep
Flue Outlet:No Flue required
LPG Gas Consumption:400 on Low and 650 on High (g/hr)
Infiniti 1000 Flueless Double Sided Gas Fireplace

Ideal as a feature between two living areas.  Available in black or stainless steel.  Trim options as for the single sided 1000 Infinit flueless gas unit above.

Model:1000 Flueless Double Sided
Heating Capacity:450 Cubic metres
Dimensions:Will be updated soon
LPG Gas Consumption:From 550 grams per hour on low to 970 grams per hour on high

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